How to Delete Telkomsel Flash’s Cache

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image I get this tips from Kang Rohman's blog, the tips is very simple but very useful, especially for those who use Telkomsel Flash.
Before I found this tips, I was very confused by this problem. When I browsed the internet, which often appears on the screen is an old page. Sometimes when I open a blog, it displayed the blog using old template, although i have changed the blog  with  new template. And the worst thing is when I finished posting an article, the article does not appear, as if I never make the post.

At first I thought it is the browser, Chrome, who brings the problem, but after trying to use other browser such as FF, IE, and Safari, it still does not solve the problems.
Fortunately I get tips from Kang Rohman, which according to him the problem was caused by the cache on Telkomsel Flash.

So what you have to do to make all back to normal? Easy, so Kang Rohman said, by clearing the cache of Telkomsel Flash, it will solve the problem. Namely by pressing the keys on the keyboard on your computer simultaneously, the Ctrl key and F5 (Ctrl + F5).

And after I tried it and was successful. Sometimes once does not work, so try again just press the Ctrl key F5 for 2 or 3 times. Guaranteed it will solve the problem.

Source : Kang Rohman


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